Solo and Ensemble 2018


Solo and Ensemble is this Saturday 3/24/18 at Indian Trail High School.    Please make sure you check the time of your event.    To find the time and site number click the link below.

Here are the times for the Violin, Cello and String Choirs.

Viola Choir– 8:56 Orchestra Room

Symphonic Violin Choir– 9:46 Orchestra Room

Concert Violin Choir– 11:18 Orchestra Room

Chamber Orchestra– 11:30 Orchestra Room

Please arrive to the upper gym 30min before you perform.

Orchestra Fest this weekend

We are days away from Orchestra Fest, here are the rehearsal and report times for both performances this weekend.

Saturday March 3rd


9:00am- Report to Orchestra Room

1:00pm- Dismissal

5:45pm- Report to Orchestra Room in Concert Dress

6:30pm- Performance


Sunday March 4th

1:00- Report to Orchestra room

1:30- Performance